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Best Way to Take care of Designer Dress Songket Cloth

Malaysia is very lucky to have a multiracial society that brings a clash of cultures, races, religions, and arts. The Malays in particular have a uniqueness that is evident from the Malay characteristics of their clothing such as Malaysian designer dress songket clothes.

In the past, this type of clothing was often worn by those who had a certain power or position and not ordinary people like us. But today everything has changed so that the culture rejects that understanding and brings equality to all but still maintains the privilege of the royal family.

Even so, it would be a bit of a loss if as a new generation we don't fully adopt the customs and culture. Malaysia's songket dress pengantin is not just ordinary cloth but carries the symbol of the wearer's background. Therefore, try to understand the prohibitions and tips that can be put into practice when using songket.

How to Store Tenunan Songket Clothes?

One of the unique characteristics of Malaysian songket cloth is the manufacture of the cloth. As complicated as the method of making a songket is, it is also complicated to care for all the time.

Although songket is famous for its thick and warm fabric, it does not mean that songket dress pengantin can be made as you like other cotton fabrics. You need to ensure that the fabric storage procedure is accurate and appropriate to ensure that it is not damaged and lasts a long time.

First, lay out the songket fabric together with a piece of adhesive cloth stacked on top of the Malaysian songket fabric sheet. Next, the songket fabric needs to be rolled together with the sticky cloth in an elongated position until the end. Finally, store the finished roll carefully in the cupboard.

Avoid the rubbing of Tenunan Songket Fabric

Songket woven thread is very sensitive to hot temperatures and it is also easy to burn. When the cloth burns, the unique motifs on it are damaged, affecting the quality of the woven gold thread itself. So how to make sure the fabric is always neat, smooth, and wrinkle-free?

Going back to the first tip, if your storage method is correct then it will certainly affect the fabric. Many people care about storage and practice proper procedures, they don't even complain about wrinkled, damaged clothes or the like.

But if there is no other way and the fabric is too wrinkled, you can rub the songket dress pengantin on the condition that you don't rub it directly, adjust it to a moderate temperature, and make sure it is lined with another fabric.

Only Hand wash is suitable for Songket Fabric

Hand wash is pretty much suitable to clean designer dress songket cloth. A gentle hand wash is good enough to clean your cloth. Just put it into the water with detergent in it. Then gently wash the songket dress pengantin in it for some time. Then wash it with clean water. And let the cloth dry.

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