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5 Best Songket Dress Design Ideas

A new spell means new outfits, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about that. But what do you do when it's cold in the morning, hot during the day... and still cold at night? The trick to putting a stylish spring Malay fashion outfit together is starting with chic basics and then updating your style for the season. Here we will discuss songket Malaysia dress design ideas.

Carlanisa is a Malaysian brand and Malay people love to wear Songket dresses. Songket Malaysia has great importance near them. Carlanisa brand is consistently providing the best songket dresses with the latest designs and patterns. Here we will discuss different new designers songket dresses from Carlanisa’s songket collection. The purpose to wear these dresses is different. Sometimes we need a dress appropriate for a wedding, or sometimes we like to dress for the office or formal meetings. Each occasion has its importance in its place.

Fana Baju Kurung Songket

Talking about Fana Baju kurung, this collection is the latest and best of the best design. Fana Baju kurung fabric is songket. It comes in 11-inch Kepala Border. This border is outclassed. Once you wear the dress you will gain extra attention. You will be prominent among a crowd. A unique and beautiful dress is a part of your personality.

Your appearance makes the first impression. Your personality recognizes you. And your dress is the major part. So, choose wisely, which dress to wear for which function. Fana Baju kurung is full of color range. Beautiful twenty-three colours are included in this collection. Songket fabric is a sign of royalty. If you wear this dress, you will be the Queen of the function. Also, this dress is ready to wear. Just buy and wear. This saves you from a lot of hassle.

Azalea Baju Kurung Moden Songket

If you like the light colours of Baju kurung. Then this collection is for you. Azalea Baju kurung is ready to wear. This dress is all around. You can wear this on every type of occasion. Carlanisa every time introduces the best of the best collections. Ready-to-wear dresses also save you time and money. Azalea Baju kurung has floral patterns all over the dress. Songket fabric can enhance your overall comfort experience.

Carlanisa also provides its customers with value-money products. Azalea Baju's kurung dresses the one of their best and the latest collection. A wide range of seventeen colours is available. Each colour has a different story. Therefore, Azalea Moden's songket dress perfectly fits every theme.

Lily Moden Songket Dress

This dress is also in the ready-to-wear category of Carlanisa. Beautiful Lily patterns are incorporated with silver thread. You will look dashing. You can wear this dress for weddings. As we know that weddings are special functions. So, the dress is special for the big day. Carlanisa always provides quality and value. Their songket is world famous. Carlanisa’s songket design ideas are very unique. Lily moden songket will set you on fire. You will look awesome in this songket dress. These Malay fashion songket ideas are exclusive.

Raya Kurung Moden Songket Dress

As the name suggests, Raya kurung moden is a special dress for the most important occasion. Raya is a Muslim event that happens once a year. Carlanisa brings you a Raya kurung moden songket dress for this special occasion. Beautiful patterns on the dress enhance your personality. New designers Songket cloth will give you a smooth and cuddly experience.


Raya Baju Kurung 2024

Unstitched Carlanisa Songket collection

Carlanisa solves another problem for its valuable customers. If someone needs plus size Baju kurung then you can buy our Songket collection. Unstitched songket is comparatively economical as compared to ready-to-wear products.

Carlanisa knows its valuable customer very deeply. You can stitch your dress according to your size requirements. You can add more customization to your attire and make them beautiful. Check out our latest Songket collection.

Why choose Carlansia?

As you know that designer songket Malaysia dresses are rare to find. Carlanisa’s designers always bring something new and eye-catching. Our new designers dresses are the Latest and the fabric quality is very good. Malay people always try to find something new and the latest. The Malay fashion industry is growing day by day. Now Muslim girls are actively participating in the Fashion industry. Carlanisa is the part of Muslimah fashion industry.

The price of our products is also very reasonable. Don’t buy overpriced and low-quality products. You can get more value-for-money products. You can also pay the price in easy instalments. Through ShopBack you can buy your favourite dress and pay later in a total of three easy instalments. This payment solution is very easy and we ensure that our customers can buy the dress.

Where to buy these dresses?

Carlanisa is an online Malaysian Fashion brand. This brand is consistently providing the best and most genuine Songket dresses. You can buy it by visiting

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