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Seroja Kebaya | Dark Emerald Green Gold


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Design: Kebaya kurung Moden Songket

Material: Songket Tenun Asli

Kain: Lipat Depan

Style: Kebaya Kurung Moden Plain

Fit: Standard-Fitting

Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve

Sleeve Type: Straight 

Dress Length: 36"

Care Instructions: This dress can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a cold cycle. It is also suitable for dry cleaning.

PLEASE NOTED! colour mungkin ada sedikit berbeza atas faktor cahaya atau setting telefone masing2**


In the heart of Malaysia, where vibrant culture and timeless elegance converge, Carlanisa proudly presents its Seroja Kebaya Songket Moden Collection. This exquisite collection pays tribute to the rich heritage of the Malaysian region, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair.

Design Details of Baju Kebaya Moden

Kebaya Kurung Moden Songket

The centerpiece of this collection is the Kebaya Kurung Moden Songket. Imagine delicate threads of gold and silver weaving intricate patterns across lavish fabric. As the name of Seroja shows, it has a flower pattern on it. The kebaya silhouette embraces the female form, accentuating curves with grace. The bodice, adorned with traditional flower patterns, exudes regal charm. Whether attending a wedding, a cultural event, or celebrating life’s milestones, this kebaya is your canvas for elegance.

Songket Tenun Asli Fabric Material

Our designers handcraft each piece using Songket Tenun Asli, a historical fabric. The Songket’s luminous sheen reflects the sun’s warmth, while its texture whispers tales of generations past. Songket threads intertwine, creating a symphony of colors—deep maroons, royal blues, and golden yellows. When you wear this fabric, you carry the legacy of artisans who have woven dreams into reality.

Kain: Lipat Depan

With its Lipat Depan (front fold) design, the kain also adds a touch of modernity. As you move, the folds sway like gentle ripples on a tranquil lake. The front slit reveals just enough, allowing you to glide gracefully. Whether you’re dancing at a soirée or sipping tea at a garden party, the kain whispers secrets of femininity and strength. The kain has a central border that has silver or golden patterns handcrafted with floral patterns.

Style and Fitting of Kebaya Songket Moden

Kebaya Kurung Moden Plain

The simplicity of the Kebaya Kurung Moden Plain style is its strength; however, no embellishments distract from the elegance of the silhouette. It’s a canvas for your personality, akin to a blank page waiting for your story to unfold. The neckline frames your face, inviting admiration, while the fitted waist flares into the kain, creating a harmonious balance. This kebaya transcends trends; therefore, it’s a timeless companion.

Standard-Fitting Comfort

We understand that comfort is paramount. Our standard fitting ensures ease of movement without compromising style. Whether greeting guests or twirling on the dance floor, you’ll feel at home in your Carlanisa kebaya songket moden.

Details That Matter

Long Sleeve, Straight Type

The long sleeves add sophistication; furthermore, they cascade gracefully, allowing glimpses of your wrists. The straight cut ensures versatility; you can roll them up for a more relaxed look or let them flow for an air of formality.

Dress Length: 36 Inches

At 36 inches, the dress length strikes the perfect balance. It’s modest yet alluring. You’ll glide through life’s moments with poise, whether ascending a grand staircase or strolling through a sun-kissed garden.

Care Instructions

Your Seroja Baju Kebaya Moden is a treasure. Treat it gently. Hand-wash it with love or trust it to a cold machine cycle. If you seek perfection, professional dry cleaning will keep its luster intact.

The Seroja Baju Kebaya Moden Collection by Carlanis

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Seroja Kebaya | Dark Emerald Green Gold