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Songket Star Flower | Dusty Purple

Songket Star Flower | Dusty Purple

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Baju Pengantin Songket Dusty Purple

Our Bunga Raya Dusty Purple is all round Baju Kurung. You can wear it to every event. This dress can be worn at multiple events; formal and non-formal. We guarantee you the comfort and beauty both at the time. That is the speciality of our Songket Dusty Purple. Once you buy this baju pengantin songket. You are going to love this dress. Our Songket Dusty Purple is made of songket tenun cotton exclusive material. This material is very soft and will make you feel feathery. Songket tenun cotton fibre is of very fine quality. You will feel easy and happy by wearing this baju pengantin songket Bunga Raya. This fabric is a highly breathable material.

Handwoven Songket Dusty Purple with Kepala Border

The Kepala border is also present. Our Kepala border designs are really beautiful and appealing. Our Songket is handwoven and prepared on handlooms. You know that handwoven products are labour intensive but the result always pays the price of this songket. In this songket Bunga Raya, you will look more decent and beautiful. If you wanted to receive special attention to you. You should at least try this Dusty Purple dress.

It is the main characteristic of Songket Dusty Purple that you will gain attention automatically among a group of people. Bunga Raya songket comes in 4-meter factory cutting usually with some extra cutting. But you should consider these four meters cutting only. In this cutting, you can make small, medium and large size Baju kurung. Our Songket is not easy to wrinkle. Its stuff is very premium. We can assure you the best quality songket Bunga Raya.

Why purchase Our Baju Pengantin Songket from Carlanisa?

This product is also for unique customers who want unstitched baju kurung cloth. They can tailor baju kurung according to their need. Our Bunga Raya products can also be worn at almost every event. The event can be formal or non-formal. Carlanisa songket Bunga Raya is easy to wash. It does not leave any colour after washing. Its fabric material is of premium quality. You will feel light and easy in this dress.

Why Carlanisa is the best choice to buy Songket Bunga Raya Collection?

  • Our Songket Dusty Purple fabric is highly breathable.
  • We guarantee you the comfort of our products.
  • Our Baju pengantin songket Dusty Purple Bunga Raya cloth does not leave colour. Even not on washing the fabric.
  • It will provide you premium and aesthetic feel.
  • Available in all sizes and sizes are available at the Carlanisa store.

Where to Buy Songket Bunga Raya Baju Kurung?

Visit now our website: to place the order and get your product delivered to your doorstep. You can enjoy your purchase by staying at home. So, what are you stopping from having an amazing experience with us?