Collection: Instant Shawl | Superfast Bergetah

After a long time, on the huge demand for Instant tudung shawl chiffon Shawl SuperFast. Carlanisa brings you the best quality instant shawl. This instant shawl is all-around tudung. You can wear it on every baju kurung. Instant Shawl SuperFast Black is made of Premium Heavy Chiffon Georgette fabric. This fabric is the best quality fabric and quite expensive fabric also. This material provides you with a premium look and feel. But Carlanisa brings you Instant Shawls at very reasonable prices. Our Shawl can instantly change your look. You can save so much of your important time with this shawl.

Our instant shawls are not easy to wrinkle. You will not need to take so much care of the fabric of the tudung shawl chiffon. Its material is very easy to wash. You can carry an instant shawl everywhere. Our shawl cutting is semi instant shawl. This makes our shawl easy to carry. We have a complete colour range of Instant Shawl. You can select different colours according to your choice. All new latest and lucky colours are available in Instant Shawl SuperFast.