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Wearing the right clothes plays an essential role in looking sophisticated and beautiful. A mistake in choosing a baju kurung can cause a person to look plump or not suitable for her. Many women don’t know how to choose the right dress for the right event. This matching is quite a difficult step for most women out there. Baju kurung dress is their primary concern in an event. Because your looks depend on the dress you are wearing.

In this blog, we are sharing some pro tips with you. These tips can help you and save you from the long time-consuming process of Malay wedding dress choosing. Here are some tips that can help those who want to buy Baju Kurung dresses.

Baju Kurung Dress for Skinny And Low Body

For those who have a small and short bodies, it is recommended to choose the same fabric and shirt pattern so that the illusion looks taller. Can also be styled with a flower-patterned shirt that is a little bigger and a brighter colour. Highlight the appearance by wearing high shoes such as heels or wedges to look taller. You will look attractive and taller. You will stand out in the crowd.

Malay Dresses for Skinny And Tall Body

For those who are thin and tall, it is recommended that you wear a shirt with a horizontal pattern and a large shirt so that you look a little plump and not too thin. The too thin body is also a main concern of girls. You can also wear bright colours. Bright colours of your dress also make you look fairer. These colours enhance your skin tone effect with your Malay wedding dress. Take look at our bright colour Baju Kurung maroon dresses.

Best Baju Kurung Option For Thick Body And Tall

If you belong to this group, you should wear dark-coloured clothes because this colour can make you look slimmer. Avoid wearing clothes with large floral patterns and colours that are too bright because they will show your curves. If you want to wear patterned clothing, you are recommended to choose clothes with small flower patterns. We know that the figure of every woman varies from woman to woman. Not all women have the same type of physique. Therefore, Carlanisa has a complete range of beautiful colours range from bright to dark colours. Every size from small size to plus size Baju Kurung dresses are available in our store. You can buy our dark colour Baju Kurung maroon Malay wedding dress below.


For this individual, you are advised to choose dark-coloured clothes. Avoid wearing bright-coloured shirts because they will highlight your body shape. You are also recommended to wear small flower-patterned shirts because they can make you look thinner. Accentuate your appearance by wearing heels or wedges because they make you look taller.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these tips can help those out there in choosing the right clothes for them to look beautiful. These tips are from professional fashion designers of Carlanisa. You can also buy our latest Baju Kurung maroon Collection.

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