baju kurung kaftan-songket maroon

Songket maroon Bunga Tabur is a new weaving technique. Many people do not know about this weaving technique. Malaysian people are quite aware of the songket fabric. Bunga Tabur is weaving flower patterns on the dress. Malay people love these flower patterns. Baju pengantin songket purple fabric is a sign of royalty. Songket dress defines a person’s prosperity and dignity according to their position. Malaysia is a diverse culture. People from different religions are living together in Malaysia. But their most acceptable dress is Baju Kurung.

Latest Trends in Muslimah Fashion Industry

As time passes, new revolutions are coming in the fashion industry. But the place and importance of Baju kurung are the same to date. However, new designs and changes are always welcomed by Malay people. Muslimah Fashion industry is growing day by day. Songket fabric is one of the backbones in the creation of this fashion. Baju kurung kaftan dress comes in different fabrics. Songket maroon is famous throughout the world. There are some reasons for the popularity of songket fabrics. Like soft and royal material of songket. Songket maroon is not easy to wrinkle. We can use different weaving techniques. Hand-made songket is not very common. But this songket is another level of luxury.

Carlanisa’s ready-to-wear Collection

Carlanisa is a well-known Malaysian brand. Our speciality is our baju pengantin songket purple fabric. We also have a complete range of songket collections. You can also buy stitched and unstitched clothes. It is your choice what you wanted to buy. We have beautiful stitched and ready-to-wear dresses. Every size is available from small to plus sizes. You can just buy and wear them. Ready-to-wear products also save time on stitching. Suppose that you are going to a function urgently. You don’t have time to do many things. In this short time, you can buy our baju pengantin songket purple dresses and can attend a wedding function. Carlanisa is a brand for a reason. Our marketing team also analyze current customers’ demands. Then they give proper and authentic solutions to these problems.

Why one should buy an unstitched Songket Cloth?

Sometimes some customers demand unstitched cloth of songket. They wanted to stitch their dress from their tailor. Some people have intermediate sizes in two measurements. So, they prefer to buy unstitched cloth and stitch the dress from their tailor. Carlanisa is selling an unstitched songket in terms of open meters. Anyone can buy cloth at the price of per meter. Unstitched songket is available at a very reasonable price than stitched because the cost of stitching varies from region to region.

Carlanisa’s Songket Bunga Tabur

This is the ace series of unstitched songket maroon. Bunga Tabur's design pattern is so unique and it will instantly catch the eyes of other women. You can wear this dress to every special event. The colours of Bunga Tabur are unique and beautiful. Songket is also hand woven and soft. Mostly, our fabrics are also not easy to wrinkle. The flower design also enhances your look. You can buy this product here:

Songket tenun 11-inch Border

Songket tenun 11-inch border is also our best baju kurung kaftan dress. This series is also unstitched. The most beautiful and latest design patterns are present in the cloth. Silver and golden threads are incorporated into the fabric. A huge colour variety is also available in this product.

Azalea Kurung Moden Songket

It is in our ready-to-wear songket collection. Azalea kurung moden is also very stylish and the latest dress from Carlanisa. You can wear this dress to every event. It has fifteen colours amazing colours. The colour combinations are outstanding. Office women can also wear this dress. As you also know ready-to-wear baju kurung kaftan is also time-saving. You can also check our Azalea Kurung moden songket:


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