List of Trending Wedding Dress Styles for 2024

It's wedding season, and we are back with our coverage of the latest Malaysian designer dresses, Malaysian party dresses & everyday wear from the newly launched collections of unstitched and ready-to-wear suits online with so many designers bombarding the online space with their collections. It is essential first to understand.

  • What does your wardrobe need most?
  • Traditional Baju Kurung? Simple Shalwar kameez you're looking for?
  • What fabrics are best suited for women's wedding wear?
  • What are the latest trends in wedding clothing in 2024?
  • How to style Baju Kurung this season to be trendy and elegant?

Go for fabrics and designs this wedding dress season.

1. Songket Fabric

This natural fibre cloth is a body-friendly fabric that keeps the body temperature warm in the cool season. Hence, it is our first choice to opt for wedding dress 2024. Carlanisa's unstitched collection features an incredible variety of ladies' unstitched dresses. Their use of intricate floral patterns catches attention at first glance. The detailed dainty gold and silver thread on songket fabric imbued in darker hues checks all the boxes for a must-have Malay wedding clothing list.

Upgrade your wedding wardrobe with the Songket collection, now available at Carlanisa's online clothing stores.

2. Kebarung Klasik Cotton Plain Wedding Dress

If you're looking for durable and structured solid wrinkle-free fabric, then kebarung cotton plain is your go-to option. This cotton fabric makes it to our list due to its versatility and easy-to-carry attribute. For the wedding dress 2024 season, shades of Salmon have taken over the fashion world; combine it with cotton, and half of your fashion worries are over. Carlanisa's Salmon outfit features a central floral tale with embroidered stars and a matching Instant Bawal shawl that will set you on fire. Head over shop online and get your hands on the latest designs.

3. Sakura Premium Cotton Swiss Embroidery Wedding Dress 2024

Breathable, soft and supple fabric is another fabric that should have a place in your wardrobe. This season many Sakura designs have surfaced, which are enthralling and breathtaking for all the right reasons. This cotton Swiss embroidery dress outfit has us drooling. The delicate embroidery etched to perfection is what makes the firm stand out. Minimal yet enough to get you through a Malay wedding dress styles in 2024 is why you need to shop at Carlanisa's online clothing store right now!

4. Azalea Cotton Songket Star Tenun Asli Dresses

We saved the best in the end, but it was well worth it. This soft, breathable fabric keeps you warm in winter and is the perfect choice to wear to any party or intimate pre-wedding shenanigans. Our heart is leaning towards Malay wedding dress styles embroidery of Star Bunga Tabur this season etched on beige canvas paired with an Instant shawl.

How to style Baju Kurung this season to be trendy and elegant?

Traditional Malay Baju Kurung Dress

Are you looking for a more relaxed Baju Kurung Dress to wear daily, but you're not willing to compromise on style? This look of our Fana Baju Kurung is the answer. Get the Songket Tenun Star Bunga Raya dress and tailor it to your measurements for a stellar yet relaxed look. Beautiful Kain paired with Border lipat is also making us drool. It is an easy yet classy look that can be dressed up at dinner parties.

Lily Baju Kurung Riau Moden Songket

Stand out in the crowd by flaunting a lily embroidered flower pattern on a kain paired with beautiful lipat. Opt for fitted sleeves this season, as they will give you the space to wear shawls to curb the chilly breeze. Experiment with medium and long lengths as per your taste.

"To conclude, upgrade your wedding wardrobe. Before the hot-selling designs run out!"

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