7 Latest Baju Kurung Moden Latest Designs in 2024

7 Latest Baju Kurung Moden Latest Designs in 2024

So many collections of the latest modern baju kurung fashion are dizzying! Carlanisa is baju kurung online boutique.

Baju kurung is the traditional dress of Malaysians and is often worn during celebrations or official events. Due to the passage of time, in parallel with the fashion industry, there are changes in the design of baju kurung. Too many collections of the latest modern baju kurung fashions have been processed to the point where it's dizzying to think about which new dress design to choose.

Let's see which style is suitable for you to wear in conjunction with special events at this time.

1. Sakura Baju Kurung Moden Embroidery

Reasons to be the primary choice: I love the simple but elegant design for a king for a day to enrich it on a happy day. This design is comfortable to wear all day.

Features: Sakura Baju kurung cotton is now famous among brides-to-be because it looks elegant and beautiful, especially for the future King on the wedding day. The sleek dress design is Baju Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery. So comfortable with its size, which is comprehensive and prominent below. The fabric materials used for this modern cotton kurung are Premium Cotton Swiss Dyed Embroidery materials so that the design is neater. Coupled with the combination of embroidery pattern materials, lace adds to the wearer's beauty.

2. Azalea Baju Kurung

The design of the Azalea baju kurung is large and has Azalea flower patterns of gold and silver threads on the Kain and lipat. The songket fabric makes this shirt pattern look modern. Usually, this songket kurung shirt is made of songket fabric, and the original design has three-quarter sleeves. After being modernized, the creation of the sleeves of the kurung songket Baju is long-sleeved. The design looks more straightforward, and she seems like a beautiful professional girl! It is also suitable for a ceremony or celebration.

3. Fana Baju Kurung

Fana Flower Patterns are one of the famous additional decorations for baju kurung and can be said to brighten up a plain cloth shirt. A combination of unique patterns matched with a baju kurung base that is plain and shows the baju kurung looks exclusive. There are many ways to style this Fana Baju Kurung; some only decorate the arms, neck, under the shirt or the whole shirt. Full Fana Baju Kurung Patterns on clothes to songket fabric are also a popular choice. The tip for styling this Fana Baju Kurung fabric is to match it with Instant Shawls.

You can check Carlanisa baju kurung online boutique, Fana Baju Kurung collection.

4. Lily Baju Kurung Riau Moden Songket

Carlanis’s Lily baju kurung is the all-new style for baju kurung. Usually, you match it with a short shirt and songket fabric. This pleated fabric has several princess-style songket fabrics and more simple straight cutting. If you want to choose a traditional Baju Kurung, choose materials from songket fabric because the fabric texture is soft and comfortable when worn.

What's interesting about this Songket fabric, you don't need to rub it. When you wash it, you need to dry it, hang it and wear it. Carlanisa has a full range of New dress design ready to wear Lily Baju Kurung baju online boutique. Save time with ready-to-wear dresses.

5. Raya Kurung Moden Songket

Baju kurung lace Raya Kurung is the latest collection of Carlanisa and has a very exclusive design because it is made of handlooms instead of machines. So, it is not surprising that the price is also costly because of the work of art. But we keep our prices very reasonable and affordable. Raya Kurung Moden Lipat has a central flower pattern in it. This dress is specialized for weddings, events and special family functions.

Raya Kurung Moden pattern is viral in Malaysia. This also makes the traditional Baju kurung lace more beautiful.

6. Baju Kurung Cotton Moden

This kurung cotton Baju kurung lace is also the foremost choice of women for a more straightforward style and makes the wearer look more beautiful. The design of this shirt is comfortable and also very suitable for daily wear to work. This type of cotton fabric can have various patterns, and the most popular are small flower patterns and plain type fabrics. Don't worry. Excellent fabric materials only need a little time to iron and are not easy to wrinkle. This is the right choice if you like something simple and beautiful.

7. Luna Kebarung Klasik Moden

Baju Kebarung Klasik is always a traditional shirt new dress design according to the wearer's body. Most of these fabric materials are German cotton Exclusive Plain batik, a central long star flowery pattern. It will give you a sleek and elegant look. This dress is suitable to wear on festive occasions.

Why do Malay People choose Songket Fabric?

Songket is famous for its luxurious fabric patterns and materials because songket is the only Baju Kurung that preserves traditional Malay authenticity. Apart from symbolizing luxury, songket patterns usually have floral motifs and fauna produced from weaving.

That's why it's a bit expensive and worth it if you like modern classic style. This songket can be styled with various designs such as modern kurung, Pahang kurung and other techniques often chosen.

The cloth is designed as a cover or fan cloth. Imagine! You look stylish with a classic original songket weave.


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