Hari Raya Aidilfitri Baju Kurung Moden Ideas

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Baju Kurung Moden Ideas

Latest Carlanisa Hari Raya Collection

Finally, the wait is over; it's the beginning of the most-awaited Ramadan month of blessings. And our days now may pass more quickly than we thought (all thanks to the latest trends, which make us smarter to buy and sell things online), but we are still delighted to look forward to our normal daily activities. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a delightful rid or we may call it the Hari Raya Aidilfitri of sweets. It is a festival of spreading peace, love, and sharing delicious food. Hari Raya baju is also an occasion in itself for a dress-up contest; everyone wants to look different, more classy, and more beautiful. And sure enough, we look forward to eating up the delicious biryanis while being dressed well to carry killer looks and look more gorgeous than others.

Complete Range of Hari Raya Dresses

This blog is for those of us who are drifting in a boat while waiting to shop for Eid, which is a more enjoyable and memorable part too. If you are a busy person and don't have enough time for shopping, here's your opportunity to save the day. Carlanisa is presenting the latest collection and home delivery services too, and they are also providing you with some styling tips that you can copy with the ethnic articles that you own from our collection. Carlanisa is presenting a complete series of Baju kurung, songkets, and instant shawls.

All-New Collection of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024 

Carlanisa is presenting the brand new latest collection of songkets, baju kurung in plain, and embroidered series in the Ready to Wear collection. Do you know where you can style this collection? You can style our Eid collection of Baju kurung series and Songkets together with our Instant Shawl collection to carry a look that your favourite bloggers and celebrities are seen sporting now more than ever. Maintain a classic colour palette, or opt for contrasting shades of our article to carry a classic look.

Ready to Wear Summer Collection

This summer heat calls for some cosy fabric. If you are a Malaysian person (or just slacking off with dress-up), so just let's beat the temperature with a timeless embroidered Baju kurung set and pair it with a matching-tone Instant Shawl. Opt for a Vivah (Kurung modern songket), Lily (Baju kurung riau moden songket), Raya (Kurung modern songket), Riza (Kurung modern songket), Melati (Kurung riau moden plain) , Fana (Kurung moden songket), Sakura (Baju kurung modern embroidery) series of our Ready to wear collection which suits your interest most with our Instant shawl variety available in best offers 6 At Rm 100 and 7 At Rm 100. These are one of the most pleasant and easiest Eid looks that are meant for a girl-next-door who craves the modest trend.

New Instant Shawls Collection of 2024

Do you have Songket with one sider Kepala border or Cotton Instant shawls that have been sitting over in your wardrobe for quite some time? It's time for your latest Songkets collection of hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024 to see the light of the day. Drape any Songket or Baju kurung of your choice by substituting your dress with the Instant shawls of light or bright colours which are easy to carry and made of comfortable fabric and give contrast and match to your Songket or Baju kurung to nail the chic, modern and classic look.

Latest Color Range of Melati Kurung Riau

Karla Kurung Riau Sulam has been our most cherished item of our Ready to wear series for Hari Raya Aidilfitri greetings but, you just have to add some spark to your look, we suggest styling them with our Printed Instant shawls or Classic colours Instant shawls. The look will be comparable to both parts of the modern and traditional one, and that's just what you are aiming for and our pride. We prefer a basic Nescafe, Black, or Baby Pink Instant shawl that goes with everything.

Who are we?

Carlanisa! What is our brand stereotyped as? But hey, in our safety, we are just being creative.

Carlanisa is distinct in its name and characterized by its name. Word Carla is selected because it symbolizes a famous fabric named Mayne and the term Nisa is symbolic of female. So Carlanisa's name is its self representative of a female fabric brand.

Carlanisa songket and Baju Kurung Collection variety :

Sakura Baju Kurung Modern Embroidery Hari Raya Aidilfitri Collection:

The speciality of the Fesyen Baju Kurung collection is its pattern, Baju – Kurung Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery (Sulam) and Kain – Lipat Cotton Swiss Plain

Purple Embriodery Baju Kurung

Delisa 2.0 Kurung Riau Plain Front Cut collection:

In modern Baju kurung Series articles of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024, our Delisa 2.0 Kurung Riau Front collection speciality is its one with plain fabric which is more desirable. You can wear it on your big day, on special occasions to carry a classic and traditional look.

Blue Black Plain Baju Kurung

Dahlia Baju kurung Riau Plain collection:

Our Dhalia Baju Kurung moden Songket specialty is its soft plain fabric.

Baju Kurung Plain Black Dress

Kuntum Kurung Collection for Hari Raya Aidilfitri Greetings:

Our Kuntum kurung modern Plain speciality is its German Cotton Plain with full flat plain coverage. Also, You can wear it to hold up a Glamourous look at your special occasion.

Yellow Colour Plain Baju kurung

Raya Baju kurung collection:

Our Baju Kurung Songket Bunga Raya collection speciality is its Horizontal centre border with vertical border finishing which is more desirable also You can wear it at special events like hari Raya greetings.

Baju Kurung Ice blue Colour

Riza Baju Kurung Collection:

The speciality of our Riza kurung is its satisfying pattern which is Baju – Kurung Modern and Kain – Lipat with Kepala Border. Its Kepala border is designed in such a way that a horizontal border with vertical finishing attracts. You can wear it on traditional occasions, special events like hari Raya greetings.

Riza Baju kurung Maroon Gold

Hari Raya Baju Kebarung Collection:

Baju Kebarung speciality is its checkerd fabric which is more elegant. Our Baju Kebarung Modern design and its fabric are Cotton German Plain. Adequate for check lovers and Office wear and Hari Raya greetings.

Baju Kebarung Check

How to wear our Instant baju kurung modern songket collection?

Our instant Baju is simple to wear, readymade and Our kurung is also simple to wear, it includes a zip on one side with a middle Elastic Belt and Button on other edges at the top of the kurung. You can easily carry kurung and fit it according to your size by side zip and elastic belt. Thus, you can hold our instant Carlanisa glamorous look.

Trending color combination of Instant shawl in hari raya aidilfitri 2024 with traditional Baju kurung songket. You can match the instant shawl with your Baju kurung modern Songket. A perfect and attractive look is easily carried out by a perfect colour combination.

Trending instant shawl colour combination with Baju kurung songkets you can carry :

  • Baby Pink songket with Navy Blue, Nescafe, Silver or Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Mint green Songket with Baby pink, Lemon, Nescafe, and Silver or Golden colour instant shawl.
  • White Songket with Smokey Brown, Nescafe, Grey, Orange, Baby pink, Black, Silver, Red or Purple colour instant shawl.
  • Maroon Songket with Nescafe, White, Maroon, or Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Blue-black Songket with Nescafe, Black, Blue colour instant shawl.
  • Dark Emerald Green Songket with Dark Emerald green, Nescafe, Baby pink, Smokey black, and Light Green colour instant shawl.
  • Dark Purple Songket with Smokey Black, Nescafe, Black, Light purple, and Baby pink colour instant shawl.
  • Black Songket with Nescafe, Light brown, Black, and Light Green colour instant shawl.
  • Royal blue Songket with Royal blue, Smokey brown, Black or Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Orange gold Songket with Nescafe, Golden, and Dark Blue colour instant shawl.
  • Magenta Gold Songket with Golden, Maroon, Orange, baby pink, and Nescafe colour instant shawl.
  • Olive Green Gold Songket with Golden, Green, orange, Baby pink, light purple, and white colour instant shawl.
  • Champagne silver Songket with Navy, Silver, and Dark Blue colour instant shawl.
  • Cream Silver songket with Grey, Dark blue, Smokey Black, and Silver colour instant shawl.
  • Yellow Gold songket with Chocolate Brown, Dark blue, Golden and light brown colour instant shawl.
  • Nude colour Songket with Black, light brown, Nescafe, smokey black colour instant shawl.
  • Baby blue colour Songket with Light brown, Grey, and Nescafe colour instant shawl.

How to buy from Carlanisa:

You can visit our website Carlanisa.com for further sales, Products, Updates, and their variety. Time on delivery is accessible. So you can get your products at your doorstep.

What will be Carlanisa's portal shop location?

2-17-02 2nd floor Jln Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Carlanisa website?


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