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Do you know your Baju kurung materials?

The most important element of Baju kurung is its fabric. Having a specific knowledge about what your Sakura Baju kurung is and Baju Raya Kurung made from also lends you a proper margin when buying them. However knowing their fabric and components assists you to wear them for the right season and decent maintaining them.

What are fiber

Fibers are hand-woven or knitted materials. Likewise, Knit fabric is made from one consecutive thread.

  • Silk
  • Cotton

With the proficiency of fabric, you can choose Baju kurung of your preference. Similarly Carlanisa introducing Ready to wear hot brand-new Eid collection category in Premium Cotton Swiss Dyed Embroidery

The integrity of our fabric:

  • 100% quality
  • Easy to wear
  • Not easy to wrinkle
  • Easily washable
  • All colors are hot
  • Highly breathable fabric

There is a big distinction between the original and synthetic fabrics of Baju kurung. Fashion brands of Malaysia occasionally use synthetic material and on the other hand you are not able to hold up your traditional look with Baju kurung because it is easy to wrinkle and not easy to hold up and not perfectly fit your body. On the other end, some designers select a synthetic fabric over a natural one for its certain properties like its lightweight and texture. Many designers and brands precisely formulate fabrics to get the exact type that's right for their design of Baju kurung or to enhance things like breathability and other functional properties of Baju kurung and Baju Raya Kurung.

Primarily Baju kurung and Baju Raya is still worn in traditional environments as traditional costumes for weddings or any conventional ceremonies. As a traditional fabric for fashion, either locally or abroad actions have been performed yet to promote Baju kurung.

What is Baju kurung?

Baju kurung is a conventional dress of Malaysian people. Carlanisa is offering a combination of Songket series and Baju kurung series, Raya modern kurung, Riza modern kurung and plain kurung . Malaysian people use Songket, Baju kurung, Plain Baju kurung, and Embroidered Baju kurung on special occasions, traditional events, or plain kurung for events and office wear. Similarly Carlanisa added a new embroidered variety of Baju kurung for you to make your eid more special and memorable. Also Carlanisa's priority is to satisfy their customers and make their events more joyful by helping them to carry an attractive, classy, and gorgeous look with their latest variety.

How Carlanisa ready their Baju kurung?

Firstly, fabric is manufactured and then matching dyed polyester thread and then the design is finalized. And then it is transferred for embroidery work and after that, it sends to the production unit for further processing and sewing of Baju kurung.

Sakura collection:

Sakura is a brand-new Cotton embroidery premium cotton collection which is a different collection of our all-ready-to-wear instant array. It contains Seven brand new articles in distinctive colors plus Size Kurung. The compassion of the Fesyen Baju Kurung collection is its pattern:

  • Kain – Lipat Cotton Swiss Plain
  • Baju – Kurung Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery (Sulam)

Why Carlanisa Brand Baju Kurung Moden is Different from Others?

Carlanisa Embroidered Sakura Baju Kurung Sulam is different in its color and pattern. Also, it is manufactured in Kurung Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery (Sulam) and its material is also Premium Cotton Swiss Dyed Embroidery. Our Baju Kurung Moden is not simple to wrinkle. We designed unique Plus Sizes Baju Kurung of cotton fabric in such a manner that you can also carry it on particular traditional occasions and events. We select these trending colors because also they are more in demand nowadays and they fit you on fire and it also, make you trendier and more elegant.

Three different designs and Seven colors are available in the Sakura collection:

  • Baby Blue
  • Black
  • Blue black
  • Maroon
  • Purple Magenta
  • Royal blue
  • Tea pink

What color combination of Instant shawl suits you with our Latest Embroidered Baju kurung series:

Tea Pink Baju kurung with Nescafe, Navy Blue, Grey, or silver color instant shawl.

Maroon Baju kurung with White, Maroon, Nescafe, or Grey color instant shawl.

Blue-black Baju kurung with Blue, black, Nescafe color instant shawl.


Purple Magenta Baju kurung with Black, also Nescafe, Smokey Black, Baby pink, and Light purple color instant shawl.

Black Baju kurung with Black, also Nescafe, Light brown, and light Green color instant shawl.

Royal blue Baju kurung with also Nescafe, Royal blue, Smokey brown, or Grey color instant shawl.

Baby blue color Baju kurung with also Nescafe, Grey, and light brown color instant shawl.

What is the strategy of installment?

Carlanisa wishes to make you feel comfortable, delighted, and away from all worries of life to make you feel special by buying our outstanding, classic products by installment procedure, which is more susceptible. To order your Carlanisa product you just simply have to buy that product through a Riipay Selection usable at all products.


Carlanisa Riipay Option is certainly smart allowance managing and paying strategy. You just have to pay 1/3rd upfront and you can still get your Carlanisa product at your doorstep without any trouble.

Carlanisa is providing you the availability to pay one-third without any interest through your debit or credit card easily. Oh! Don't need to bother! You just merely have to provide your information. When you have done your initial payment, the merchant starts processing to provide your product at your doorstep.

Remaining Payment method:

You barely have to pay your first installment then the remaining one is subtracted according to the given time.

How to buy from Carlanisa:

You can visit our website Carlanisa.com for further sales, Products, Updates, and their variety. Time on delivery is accessible. So, you can get your products at your doorstep.

What will be Carlanisa Bangi Butik Location?

2-17-02 2nd floor Jln Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


Carlanisa website?


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