Collection: Sakura | Baju Kurung Moden Embroidery

Baju Kurung Embroidery is a traditional dress in Malaysia. Our brand new Cotton embroidery premium cotton is a unique collection of our all-ready-to-wear instant collection. It contains Eight brand new pieces in classic colours and Kurung lace Moden. The speciality of the Baju Raya collection is its pattern Baju – Kurung Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery (Sulam) and Kain – Lipat Cotton Swiss Plain.

Carlanisa Baju is unique in its colour and pattern. Our Baju is in Baju Moden Cotton Swiss Embroidery (Sulam) design and its material is also Premium Cotton Swiss Dyed Embroidery. Our Baju Series is not easy to wrinkle. We design Kurung cotton in such a way that you can wear it on special events and occasions. We choose these colours because they are in demand these days. They fit you on fire. They also, make you more classy and gorgeous.