Collection: Luna | Kebarung Klasik Cotton Plain

Carlanisa proudly introduces the latest Luna baju Kebarung tradisional Klasik series. Luna Kebarung dress comprises both beauty and also sleekness in the design pattern. This is also our ready-to-wear series. You just buy and wear these beautiful dresses. The uniqueness of our Kebarung dress is entirely different from other series. Its simplicity of design pattern is found nowhere else. Carlanisa’s skilled designers always bring something new. Something unique and beautiful.

This stylish kebarung dress will also set you on fire. The fabric of Luna Kebarung tradisional Klasik is Cotton German Plain Exclusive. This fabric is also loved by Malaysian people. Due to its smoothness and shine. This fabric never gets old. It also bears every type of season and condition and always remains like new. The design pattern of Luna Baju Kebarung Klasik is Labuh Dan Kembang. The design of kain is lipat type. Its central long and flowery design makes you look bold and stylish. These floral patterns seem like beautiful neckless flowers. This dress is also all round which means you can wear it on every occasion like office, family event or wedding. Luna Kebarung Klasik dress is also available in XS, S, M, L, and Xl sizes.