Collection: Instant Shawl | Rania

Hijab is a traditional outfit in Malaysia. Tudung term is used for Malaysian hijab. Tudung Brand (Hijab malay) style is also famous all over the world. Sometimes it’s pretty hard for women to carry hijab in a few minutes or with different styles, so we introduce a classic Instant Shawl Rania Seminit (Hijab malay) and Easy to wear proper hijab, without any pin, easy to carry in just a few steps and minutes. Our Rania SeminitΒ tudung brand scarf hijab stuff is so good for routine use, office wear and travel.

We have a great stock of different colours of your own desires. The colours and stuff are so good that fit you on fire. Through this product, you can carry a Classic look. Our Instant Shawl does not even leave any colour on washing. Our Instant shawl Rania Seminit material is a Premium heavy chiffon georgette. It is translucent fabric which is even more comfortable to wear.

Not only for Malaysian people our product is in demand all over the world. Our Carlanisa Instant Shawl Rania Seminit product is designed to wear in the summer season too, our fabric and colours are selected according to seasonal demand. In hot summer you can select light colours and our Carlanisa brand new and dark colours of instant tudung according to your special events and seasonal demand.