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Baju kurung songket is tradisional dress of malaysia. So, Songket is Tenun fabric handwoven in Silk and Cotton. Our Fana Kurung Moden Songket collection is designed in dark shades and classic colours to fit you on fire on your big day, special event, and occasion. Our Kurung moden Songket speciality is its 7 inches Berkaki (border). Material of our fana baju kurung cotton songket is Cotton songket tenun asli. Kurung Songket is not easy to carry and it is hard to wear and breathe but our Fan Kurung design provides you with complete comfort. Our Fana kurung songket series is style in Baju Kurung Moden and Kain Lipat.

In our Kurung Songket, also Silverย handwoven work is done on the piece, and 7 inches of border work of Silver colour is done on the different classic pieces. This piece is the latest piece of our brand new Carlanisa ย Baju Kurung Melayu Moden Songket collection, total of six pieces with fantastic Colours are in stock and available in our store. All colours are hot colours, brand new colours, and easily available to you at your doorstep. No need to worry, delivery on time is available. Our Kurung Songket fabric is highly breathable. Easy to wear, and with guaranteed comfort and guarantee that our Fana Kurung cotton Songket is not easy to wrinkle. Our Fana Kurung Songket pieces donโ€™t leave colour even not on washing. Easy to carry and perfectly fit your body. Available in all sizes, also plus the size Baju Kurung Modern is available at Carlanisa.

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