Collection: Kuntum | Kurung Moden Plain

Carlanisa introduces a new Kuntum baju kurung cotton collection. The specialty of this Baju kurung is its cotton, which is a premium German cotton plain. The fabric is very comfortable and made of 100% cotton material. The Kutum Baju Kurung collection is available in different vibrant colors, like Baju Kurung maroon, mustard, peach, navy blue, dusty pink, white, light yellow, and purple. Pick your favourite colour from our Kutum Kurung Plain collection.

Our latest fesyen baju kurung moden 2024 is the choice of many Malay women. Design Baju Kurung cotton is a plain and soft fabric. Our Baju Kurung fabric material is soft and highly breathable. The shoulder puff style gives you confidence. Browse our latest collection and shop for the best baju kurung dress for you.