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Muslimah Fashion 

Malay People are inhabitants of Malaysia. Baju Kurung Moden Songket is a customary dress among them. Baju Kurung has a very important role in their life. They like to wear Baju Kurung at every special event. Baju Kurung's dress symbolizes their culture. The trend in Malay, People also like Baju Kurung for many reasons. Muslimah Fashion and Malay Fashion signify the uniqueness of their culture.

Muslimah Fashion Trend in Malay

A revolution occurs over the time all over the world. Also, in Malaysia Muslimah fashion revolution occurred. Malay people wear Baju Kurung from very old times. It becomes a part of their culture. Also, Malay People see Baju Kurung as their traditional dress. As the world progresses day by day, Malay people also start developing their new trends in baju Kurung. A revolution came in the Muslimah Fashion Industry. The new and latest designs of Baju Kurung are present today. Also, a huge choice is present in Baju Kurung.

Importance of Latest Trend in Malay

The latest designs of Baju Kurung are very important to Muslimah girls. The main reason for the popularity of trend in Malay is also its cultural acceptance. Baju Kurung is common in Malay Women. Most of the Malaya population is Muslim. That is why they cannot adopt any other western fashion. So, their creativity in Baju Kurung.

Trend in Malay of Baju Kurung 

Carlanisa Butik brings you new designs of Baju Kurung. We introduce you to the latest trend in Malay Baju Kurung designs. A very attractive range of Baju Kurung is listed below:

1. Sakura Baju Kurung Moden Embroidery

Our Sakura Baju Kurung is hand made embroidery. It gives you a pleasant experience. You can feel the royalty of the fabric. Its Fabric is made of very premium quality. We have a beautiful colour range in Muslimah fashion Sakura Baju Kurung. There are seven colours Baby Blue, Black, Blue Black, Maroon, Purple Magenta, Royal Blue and Tea Pink.

sakura-baju-kurung-moden-embroidery-baju-kurung-moden-blue-black-muslimah fashion

2. Vivah Baju Kurung Moden Songket

Baju Kurung Moden Songket is Carlanisa product. It is a special dress for events. This dress is made of silk. Baju Kurung Moden Songket will set you on fire. Malay fashion will show your unique choice among others. Three different Colors are available Baby Pink, Mint Green and White.

baju kurung series vivah kurung kms712 white-muslimah fashion

3. Fana Baju Kurung Moden Songket

Fana Baju Kurung Moden Songket made of cotton fabric. Our Fana baju Kurung is handwoven. It gives you a new look. Fana Baju Kurung is an excellent dress for events. It is easy to wear and very comfortable. There are five different colours available Black Silver, Dark Emerald Green, Dark Purple, Maroon Silver, and Royal Blue.

baju kurung series fana kurung kms06 royal blue silver-muslimah fashion

4. Lily Baju Kurung Riau Moden Songket

Lily Baju Kurung riau moden songket is differet in pattern from other Baju Kurungs. It has Lilly patterns over the fabric. It is available in four beautiful colours.

baju kurung series lily kurung riau krsb24 emerald green silver-muslimah fashion

5. Raya Kurung Moden Songket

This is our latest Baju Kurung series. It has a horizontal centre border. It looks very attractive. Malay People also choose colours lucky colours. They don’t like unlucky colours. So, Carlanisa introduces Raya Kurung Moden Songket in eight beautiful colours.

baju kurung series raya kurung kms519 maroon silver-muslimah fashion

6. Riza Kurung Moden Songket a New Trend in Malay

Riza Kurung Moden Songket is also designed to wear on special occasions like weddings. There are two colours of design, Silver and Golden. There are fourteen colours available.

olive green gold-trend in malay

7. Melati Kurung Riau Moden Plain

Melati Kurung Raiu Moden Plain is also for Malay fashion plain lovers. Also, It is very simple and made of plain fabric. But it enhances the beauty of Malay Women. Also, there are twelve colours available.

dark maroon plain-trend in malay

Why Trend in Malay Baju Kurung Butik Carlanisa?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can also opt for us because we sell our products to end-users directly and won’t ask you to buy bulk quantities. However, our product’s fabric and quality are 100℅. Our product’s fabric is highly breathable and easy to iron. Cash on delivery method and instalment method available for our customers.

What is the method of Installment?

Carlanisa wants to make you feel comfortable and also satisfied with Malay Fashion. And also away from all worries of life to make you feel special by buying our unique, classic products by Installment method, which is easier. To order your Baju Kurung Butik Carlanisa product. You just simply have to buy that product through a Riipay Option available at all products.


Carlanisa Riipay Option is smart budget managing and paying method. You just have to pay 1/3rd upfront. And you can get your Carlanisa product at your doorstep without any problem.

Carlanisa is also providing you with the availability to pay one-third without any interest through your debit or credit card easily. Oh! Don’t need to worry! You just simply have to provide your information. Riipay account is signed in on first order placement.

When you have done your first payment, the merchant starts processing to deliver your product to your doorstep.


Remaining Payment method:

Also, You just have to pay your first Installment. Then the remaining one is deducted according to the given time.

How to buy ready-to-wear Trend in Malay from Carlanisa:

You can visit our website  For more updates, sales, products, and their variety. Time on delivery is available. So you can get your products at your doorstep.

What will be Carlanisa Bangi Butik Location?

2-17-02 2nd floor Jln Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Carlanisa website?

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