holiday baju kurung and Instant Shawl wish list

Holiday Fashion Wish List

The holiday fashion list is at its top. Professional events, workplace gatherings, and communal meetings are also in full swing, and now is the spell to put on the style and attraction. But be vigilant about your Baju kurung cotton dress and instant tudung. It's simple to go overboard and end up looking glossier than your other accessories. The holiday spell is also famous for conveying a sharp sense of fashion in people, be it naughty or pleasant. The holidays are also full of forthcoming conditions for fashion ruins - professional parties, personal dinners, meetings with staying friends and family - for some Malay women, it's too much to deal with.

Malay Women on Holidays

Malaysian Women are very fascinating and love gatherings during holidays. They like to wear beautiful Baju Kurung Dresses along with instant tudung. Also, it is customary for Malay women to wear Baju Kurung on special events and holidays. Therefore, Malays have a likeness to Baju Kurung dresses. As the culture of Malaysia is evolving day by day. But Baju Kurung remains their all-time favourite dress for special occasions. Every woman desire to have the latest designs of Baju Kurung 2024. And also an instant tudung shawl in her wardrobe. Every day new Baju Kurung designs with changing in their fabric, colours and patterns. A designer also shows their expertise by designing Baju Kurung and instant tudung shawls for every occasion. We have created a list of Carlanisa products that every woman would love to have in her wardrobe. Our Favourite list of Baju kurung is listed below.

Sakura Baju Kurung Cotton Moden Embroidery

Sakura Baju Kurung Moden is a special type of Carlanisa Baju kurung for events like weddings and holidays. This Baju kurung is made of swiss cotton and has special beautiful patterns on it. Its fabric quality is also the best of the best. In this dress, you will be allure among other women. Sakura moden embroidery will set you on fire. So, why are you still waiting? Also, check out its latest and most beautiful colours. You have a great choice in colour range.

Dahlia Baju Kurung Pahang

This Baju kurung dress is a special dress for Malay women. Dahlia Baju kurung is very carefully designed for special events. As by the name of Dahlia Baju kurung cotton. It also has a plain pattern on it. These designs are very unique and attractive. This dress is specially designed for daytime functions. Also have unique and eye-catching colours.

Baju Kurung Moden Pahang dress

Kutum kurung Riau Cotton Moden Plain

This type of Baju Kurung is specially designed for formal gatherings or meetings. We know that in holidays, we also meet our office colleagues. To look more professional and beautiful. Then you are in the right place. Kutum Kurung is also designed for these types of gatherings. Different colours are available. You can choose the colour of your choice. Its fabric material is very soft and comfortable.

Baju Kurung Cotton dress

Carlanisa’s Best instant Shawl collection

Holiday Fashion List With Baju Kurung Malay women wearing shawls. Carlanisa introduces its best instant shawl collection. These shawls are a time-saving solution. You can change your look through these types of shawls instantly in no time. As we know the hijab is a compulsory part of the dress in Islam. Malay women wear hijab on every dress. Nowadays you can cover your head and also shows modernity in them. We introduce different instant hijab styles. For Special occasions like weddings, holidays and also formal meetings Carlanisa have different types of Instant shawls.

Silt Instant Shawl in Holiday Fashion List

Silt instant shawl is easy to wear. This shawl can instantly change someone to look beautiful. Instant silt shawls give you classic looks. Silt instant shawl is also for the type of woman that likes simplicity and wants to look elegant. Eleven beautiful colours are available in silt instant tudung shawl. Check out some of our favourite colours for you to look special on your day.

Instant Shawl Fast 2.0 in Holiday Fashion List

Instant tudung Shawl Fast 2.0 is specially designed for that woman who likes light colours. This category of instant tudung Shawl has beautiful light colours. Malay women are very conscious of their colour choice. Therefore, we try to bring new and beautiful colours that set you on fire. Eleven colours are available in Instant Shawl Fast 2.0.

Fast Instant Hijab

Instant Sarung Moss

This Instant sarung moss is the best shawl to wear at every special event like a wedding, holiday etc. Instant sarung moss shawl has a beautiful pattern on it. Some Malay women demand an instant shawl that can wear on almost every dress. They are in the right place. Because this type of shawl can be worn with every dress. There are different patterns available in instant sarung moss.

Why to Shop Baju Kurung Cotton from Carlansia 

Each of the clothes stated here is not only just a taste of what Carlanisa has to offer. But they are also offering for a fraction of the price in contrast to other expensive Baju Kurung cotton dresses on the marketplace today. Clothes shopping online is a boundless method to save on your Batik Kurung dresses. And can be an amusing way to shop as well! If you at this time have no summer Baju Kurung dresses in your closet. It is time for you to jump into the forthcoming ladies’ summer clothing!


Carlanisa ShopBack Option is smart budget managing and paying method. You just have to pay 1/3rd upfront. And you can get your Carlanisa product at your doorstep without any problem.

Carlanisa is also providing you with the availability to pay one-third without any interest through your debit or credit card easily. Oh! Don’t need to worry! You just simply have to provide your information. ShopBack account is used to pay the first instalment.

When you have done your first payment, the merchant starts processing to deliver your product to your doorstep.


Remaining Payment method:

Also, You just have to pay your first Installment. Then the remaining one is deducted according to the given time.

How to buy Carlanisa Baju Kurung Cotton:

You can visit our website  For more updates, sales, products, and their variety. Time on delivery is available. So you can get your products at your doorstep.

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