Best Bridesmaid Baju Kurung Dress for Wedding

Best Bridesmaid Baju Kurung Dress for Wedding

A perfect wedding is the dream of every bride, but is it perfect if there is no bridesmaid next to the bride? For Min, a ceremony for brides is not complete without a bridesmaid accompanying them as long as they are king for a day. Yes, in this modern era, the bridesmaid has become a trend at every wedding. It's not anything other than being able to accompany the bride, they also indirectly liven up the king's ceremony for a day. A Malay wedding is incomplete without a bridesmaid Baju kurung. Without Bridesmaid dresses, Muslimah wedding is incomplete.

Brides feel comfortable with another bridesmaid. Sometimes, brides need company on their wedding day. The presence of bridesmaids made them more relaxed and happier. Therefore, bridesmaids also need to dress according to the theme. When a bride wears a Wedding dress for her big day, she becomes the centre of attention. A bridesmaid also dresses accordingly to enhance the feel of a wedding.

Importance of Bridesmaid Dress in Malay Wedding

In a traditional Malay wedding, Baju Kurung Dress has utter importance. All the participants love to wear Baju Kurung. As we know, Baju Kurung has great importance near Malay people. Of course, it is their traditional dress. Malay women always like beautiful colours. They believe in lucky colours. Baju Kurung is oneโ€™s first choice due to its traditional linkage.

Muslimah girls wears songket fabric Baju Kurung. As songket fabric is known to be linked with Royal families in Past. Therefore, they love to wear Baju Kurung Songket Dress on their wedding occasions. Most importantly Baju Kurung is the primary choice of every woman in Malaysia.

Sakura Moden Embroidery Baju Kurung

In this list of bridesmaids baju kurung, Sakura is top of the list. Sakura Baju Kurung is an embroidery variety of Carlanisa. Beautiful embroidery dresses are perfect for a wedding. Its premium cotton Embroidery fabric will give you a soft feel. Wearing this dress at a wedding will make your look more unique and fashionable. Bridesmaids are important members of a Malay wedding. A bride will enjoy her wedding with her bridesmaid friends. So, make her day more memorable with your good looks by wearing the beautiful Sakura Baju Kurung from Carlanisa.

Azalea Songket Bridesmaid Dress

Malaysian women like floral patterns on their dresses. Therefore, we include this Baju kurung dress on our list. Azalea flower patterns on the kain and lipat perfectly make this dress to wear at weddings with the bridesmaid. You will look fine in the Azalea Songket dress. In Malaysia, songket dresses are deeply rooted towards the traditional royal culture. For this reason, Malaysian people prefer to wear songket dresses on Special occasions. Bridesmaid gives priority to the Songket Dress. Carlanisaโ€™s Azalea songket Baju kurung is the perfect choice for a bridesmaid to wear at weddings.

Songket Star Flower Border

If you have plenty of time ahead of the wedding function. Then we recommend you choose from the unstitched songket collection. As a clothing brand, Carlanisa knows the needs of our valuable customers. We recommend you buy our songket Tenun Starflower border dress. Some bridesmaids need plus-size dresses, then you are at the right place. Women have different figures and physiques. Therefore, Carlanisa also provides you with the best songket dress in open meters. You can buy up to 3xl size of unstitched cloth for your special day. Beautiful colours are available in the Songket Star Flower border.

Baju Kurung with Instant Tudung

Wearing Instant Tudung with a Baju Kurung is always a great idea. Instant Tudung is the favourite shawl of Muslimah girls. Muslim girls always wear a shawl with their dresses. Carlanisa has different categories of instant shawls. All the designs are new and available in beautiful lucky colours. When a bridesmaid will choose her dress from Carlanisa then she would look for Instant Shawl.

In the end, the bridesmaid dresses have great importance near the Muslimah girls.

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