Baju Kurung Embroidery Dress That Goes with Everything

Hari Raya Aidilfitri Season Arrives

Women will be worried every time the Eid season arrives because they have to find suitable clothes to wear, then visit Butik Bangi Carlanisa. It doesn't matter if you want to stand out among the others dressed according to the theme or want something extraordinary; this is the time to be a little more stylish than usual! The latest collection of Baju Butik Carlanisa, the most modern baju kurung, now comes in a variety of colours. So that it can attract women's hearts to have it immediately. Also, the fashion of long and short baju Kurung has not escaped the design change.

Baju Kurung Embroidery Moden

On Eid, it can be said that it is a day for a 'fashion show' of unique, attractive and glittering baju kurung, so buy the ones that are comfortable to wear and beautiful according to their respective tastes. Simplicity is beauty. Below are some of the Carlanisa that released the appropriate 2022 Baju kurung Moden Embroidery and maybe your choice:

Our latest Baju Kurung Moden embroidery colors are listed below:

  1. Baby Blue Color
  2. Black Color

            3. Blue Black


           4. Maroon Color

             4. Purple Magenta

Purple Magenta Baju kurung

            5. Royal Blue

Royal Blue Baju Kurung


                6. Pink Baju Kurung

Classic Colors of Baju Kurung Moden

Baju Butik which is very cute and sweet if worn by women now. German exclusive also stretchable material with a floral pattern enhances the sweetness of the wearer. Soft colours that can attract the wearer's heart are added with the pleated fabric to add beauty and also give a skinny effect. If you want something to attract attention and glamour at the feast. This plain Baju Kurung riau Moden from Carlanisa may suit your style. The baju Kurung butik matched with the patio is also very mesmerizing to anyone who looks at it and wears it.

Baju Kurung A Kaftan Dress

A kaftan dress like this is a must-have for girls out there. Couple with a material that is not hot and is very suitable to be style when celebrating in a hot hometown. Baju Kurung with a floral pattern that will make you look comfortable and stylish easily. Concise but polite parentheses for busy holidays. Also Kaftan dress is a dress for Queens or Women of the Palace. That who wears Reqa Baju Kurung Sulam signifies the simplicity and beauty of ladies. Beautiful and simple plain colours enhance the beauty of women of all ages.

Classic Dress for Every Girl

Baju Kurung is not only suitable for partying but also suitable for brides or fiancés. Because of the simple pattern and material that is very comfortable to wear. For those of you who are looking for baju Kurung Raya, maybe the Raya design above can be the baju Raya choice for this year. Whatever it is, choose the latest modern baju Kurung fashion that makes you feel comfortable.

Latest Colors of Delisa 2.0 Baju Kurung

A wide range of beautiful and light colours are available in our butik. Carlanisa is constantly providing its valuable customers with a good choice in its wide range of variety. Now customers can choose between light and dark colours according to their valuable choice. Carlanisa’s priority is always its valuable customers.

Who are we?

Carlanisa! What is our brand stereotyped as? But hey, in our safety, we are just being creative.

Carlanisa is distinct in its name and characterized by its name. Word Carla is selected because it symbolizes a famous fabric named Mayne and the term Nisa is symbolic of female. So Carlanisa’s name is self-representative of a female fabric brand.

How to buy from Butik Bangi Carlanisa:

You can visit our website for further sales, Products, Updates, and their variety. Time on delivery is accessible. So, you can get your products at your doorstep.

What will be Butik Carlanisa’s portal shop location?

2-17-02 2nd floor Jln Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

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