Baju Kurung is the most famous dress among Malay people. It is their first choice when it comes to their dressing. Baju Kurung has cultural significance in Malaysia. This dress roots back to the Malaysian rich Royal dynasty. In old times, Baju Kurung was only limited to the royal families. As fast forward to the modern world, Baju Kurung is still popular across Malaysia. Different jenis baju kurung are available today. Now baju kurung styles are more current to meet the modest fashion sense of the new era.

Carlanisa is famous for its different jenis Baju kurung tradisional collection. From time to time Carlanisa has introduced different Baju Kurung styles and gained popularity over time. In this blog, we will show you the best-selling ready-to-wear Baju Kurung and Kebarung collections.

1. Baju Kebarung Luna 2.0 Cotton Linen Check

Carlanisa introduced its Baju Kebarung in check fabric. The unique point of our Baju Kebarung is the woven fabric. The beautiful check design will make you stand out from others. Its design is Labuh Dan Kembang.

Baju Kebarung

The checkered design not only looks great but also gives the outfit some texture and a unique look. It's a perfect blend of old and new, honouring Malay culture while being fashionable. The Luna 2.0 is versatile – you can wear it to fancy events or casual gatherings. So, if you want an outfit that's both trendy and cultural, the Baju Kebarung Luna 2.0 is a fantastic pick.

2. Luna Kebarung Klasik Cotton Plain

The Luna Kebarung Klasik Cotton Plain is a simple yet elegant Malay traditional outfit. It's made from good-quality cotton fabric, and it's all about classic style without fancy patterns or decorations. This outfit follows the traditional Kebarung design, known for its modest and comfortable look.


You can wear it for various occasions, whether it's a formal event, a wedding, or just a casual gathering. What's great is that it's a blank slate, so you can add your own accessories and style to make it your own.

In a nutshell, the Luna Kebarung Klasik Cotton Plain is a comfy and timeless choice that reflects Malay tradition. It's a simple outfit that lets your personal style shine through.

3. Alyssa Kurung Riau Embroidered

The Alyssa Kurung Riau Embroidered by Carlanisa is a lovely traditional Malay outfit. It's got pretty embroidery that adds a touch of elegance. This outfit is great for special events like weddings or cultural gatherings, where you want to look stylish and traditional at the same time.

Alyssa Kurung Riau Embriodery

Carlanisa has put a special touch on this outfit, making it a symbol of culture and modern fashion. It's comfortable to wear, and the beautiful details make it a top choice for those who want to be comfy and look great while celebrating their Malay heritage. In short, the Alyssa Kurung Riau Embroidered by Carlanisa is a perfect mix of tradition and style, loved by people who appreciate their culture and want to be fashionable.

4. Reqa Kurung Riau Sulam Front Cut

The Reqa Kurung Riau Sulam Front Cut is a beautiful modern style Baju Kurung with a traditional twist. It's designed for bridesmaids and has a unique front-cut style. The front of the outfit has lovely embroidery, making it perfect for special occasions like weddings or cultural events.

Baju Kurung Sulam Embroidery Dress

What makes the Reqa Kurung Riau Sulam Front Cut special is how it combines tradition with a fresh look. It's comfortable to wear and suits women of all ages. The detailed embroidery shows how much care is taken into making it. Beautiful central buttons on the baju make it more modern and beautiful.

5. Vella Kurung Moden Embroidered

Our Vella Kurung Moden Embroidered is one of the best ready-to-wear Baju Kurung to wear at weddings and special events. The beautiful handmade embroidery design patterns on the baju kurung make this dress so special from other dresses. The fabric material is in premium cotton German-dyed embroidery. The flower embroidery pattern in gold and silver thread looks very beautiful.

Vella Baju Kurung Sulam Embroidery Dress

It's not only comfy but also stylish, making it a great choice for people who want to show off their Malay heritage while looking chic. In a nutshell, the Vella Kurung Moden Embroidered is a versatile and elegant option that lets you celebrate your culture with style. 

6. Tulip Baju Kurung Riau Sulam

Suppose you are looking for a simple and sleek design Baju kurung with a modest design. Then Tulip baju kurung is the best option for you. This dress has a beautiful Sulam embroidery design on the border of cuffs, baju border and kain border. Overall, the design is Baju Kurung Biasa. Which means simple Baju kurung design. Beautiful light colours are available in this collection.

Tulip Sulam Kurung Riau

7. Delisa Baju Kurung Biasa Front Cut Plain

Baju Kurung Biasa is a type of Baju Kurung which have a plain and simple design. Carlanisa introduced the Delisa Kurung Riau Plain front-cut collection. This jenis baju kurung is perfect to wear in formal events, offices and schools. Because of its simple and plain fabric, it will change your look. It is an old saying, “Simplicity is the beauty”. Therefore, you should consider this jenis Baju kurung biasa.

Baju kurung biasa

8. Leeza Baju Kurung Asli Songket

Carlanisa is well known for its songket fabric. Our songket material is best of the best. Leeza Baju Kurung songket dress is perfect for special events like weddings, family gatherings, outings and school events.

baju kurung asli

Songket tenun Asli fabric is the main highlighting point of this dress. Leeza collection is Baju Kurung Asli. It preserves the traditional values with modern looks. You can check this baju kurung asli collection in our ready-to-wear collection.


9. Rabai Jenis Baju Kurung Riau Songket

This jenis baju kurung has a beautiful flower pattern on both baju and kain. Rabai Kurung is full of floral patterns on it. This jenis baju kurung is perfect for the most special event of your life. The design patter is Songket penuh tenun asli and material of fabric is songket tenun asli. Kain type is lipat depan.

baju kurung johor asli

Overall, this dress will make you look more beautiful than other. Malaysian people love to wear songket dresses on their special days of life. You should check our entire Rabai Kurung Raiu songket collection and pick the best colour for you.

10. Riza Baju Kurung Tradisional Songket

Riza kurung moden songket dress is made of light weight songket fabric. Its highly breathable material will give you a very premium feel. Our Riza Baju kurung tradisional dress gives you both a traditional and modern look. If you are looking for ready-to-wear baju kurung, then you can go with the Riza kurung tradisional songket collection. Beautiful light to dark colours is available in this collection.

baju kurung tradisional

11. Raya Kurung Moden Songket

Jenis Baju kurung is our bestselling ready-to-wear Raya Kurung Moden songket collection. Raya kurung moden dress design is Bunga raya tenun asli. Different Bunga-style flower patterns are present on the Baju. Its fabric material is Songket Tenun Cotton Exclusive and it is very premium and good.

kurung tradisional

Kain Lipat comes in Kepala border. The huge kebala border makes the look of Baju kurung more premium. The most interesting thing is its price. It comes at a very reasonable price. You can buy this dress at the Carlanisa store.

12. Raah Jubah Muslimah

In Malaysia, Jubah dress is go to option for every Muslim girl. Carlanisa introduced their Jubah collection that compliances the Islamic rules. This jenis jubah comes with side pockets and beautiful embriodery patterns will change ypur look. You can buy this Muslimah Jubah from Carlanisa.

Jenis jubah Purple


In summary, Baju Kurung is a beloved traditional Malay dress with deep cultural roots. Carlanisa offers a variety of jenis baju kurung to suit different occasions and tastes. From the classic Baju Kebarung Luna 2.0 to the elegant Alyssa Kurung Riau Embroidered, there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, Carlanisa's collection has options to celebrate Malay culture with style and grace.

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