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Latest Baju Kurung Collection Must Have from Carlanisa Butik

Social Status of Baju Kurung In Malaysia

The Muslims of Malaysia have been by tradition very celebratory and fun-loving people. The lovely artistry and embroidery designs found on their dress, unmatched with so many charming and breath-taking colour blends, offers an entirely sole fashion style contrasting any others. Malaysian Baju Kurung has been claimed as Masterpieces of the Oral and Insubstantial Heritage of baju tradisonal for all the methods, knowledge, theme development, and social values needed to make a piece of it. It is because the procedure includes two aspects: colouring techniques and the choice of ideas. This step is not easy since every theme should have a characteristic. Therefore, Carlanisa introduces its latest Baju Kurung Raya and Instant Malay Hijab complete range.

Find the Baju Kurung That's Right for You

The first question is fabric - silk, cotton, a blend? Silk is of course pretty and very easy to wear. They work best for graceful events and tend to sit most effortlessly in tailored looks and on women of every age. Instant Shawl fabric claims a wonderful feel and can be nice in all periods of the year. Cotton is the most adaptable of the bunch. Many baju tradisonal and Instant tudung shawls flow flawlessly among more classy and casual looks.

Status of Baju Kurung and Instant Shawl Near Muslimah Girls

Baju Kurung Raya dress is always the favourite dress of Malay People. It is an essential part of their regular life. Their culture’s main dress is Baju Kurung. Over time Baju Kurung is evolving day by day. Every day new designs of baju tradisonal Kurung are coming on the market. Now customers have a large vast choice in both Baju Kurung and Instant shawls. Carlanisa also introduces its instant hijab for Malay Muslim girls. These Hijabs can be worn on every dress. Instant shawl gives you an impressive look instantly. Instant Hijabs have great importance near Muslimah girls.

Latest baju kurung collection

Diversity of Baju Kurung and Instant Shawls on Our Store

There is a lot to choose from, Carlanisa. Our Baju kurung are ready to wear. These are ironless and not easy to wrinkle. Our Baju Kurung material is soft and comfortable. Different Baju kurung designs are for different purposes. Like our Baju Kurung Moden Embroidery Series, it specialized in weddings and other special events. Baju kurung Riau Plain Moden is normally worn for formal events or office wear. Also, Our Instant Shawls are very beautiful and unique in design. You can buy these shawls at special discounts on the Carlanisa website. Instant Shawls have different categories designed according to events like Hari Raya, Office wear, Weddings etc. These shawls give you a classic and emerge brave look.  We have great variety in our collections. The latest collection with diverse colours is available in our store. Order now to get your product.

Why Ready to Wear Instant Shawl Carlanisa?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can also opt for us because we sell our products to end-users directly and won’t ask you to buy bulk quantities. However, our product’s fabric and quality are 100℅. Our product’s fabric is highly breathable and easy to iron. Cash on delivery method and instalment method available for our customers.

What is the method of Installment?

Carlanisa wants to make you feel comfortable and also satisfied with Malay Hijab Fashion. And also away from all worries of life to make you feel special by buying our unique, classic products by Installment method, which is easier. To order your Baju Kurung Raya Butik Carlanisa product. You just simply have to buy that product through a ShopBack Option available at all products.


Carlanisa ShopBack Option is smart budget managing and paying method. You just have to pay 1/3rd upfront. And you can get your Carlanisa product at your doorstep without any problem.

Carlanisa is also providing you with the availability to pay one-third without any interest through your debit or credit card easily. Oh! Don’t need to worry! You just simply have to provide your information. ShopBack account is signed in on first order placement.

When you have done your first payment, the merchant starts processing to deliver your product to your doorstep.


Remaining Payment method:

Also, You just have to pay your first Installment. Then the remaining one is deducted according to the given time.

How to buy Carlanisa Tradisional Baju Kurung:

You can visit our website  For more updates, sales, products, and their variety. Time on delivery is available. So you can get your products at your doorstep.

What will be Carlanisa Bangi Butik Location?

2-13-02, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Carlanisa website?

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