Baju Kurung Moden Songket-baju kurung moden pendek kain songket

Baju Kurung Moden Songket Fabrics of Carlanisa Brand

Do you know your Baju Kurung Songket fabrics?

The most important component of a Baju kurung Moden Songket is its fabric. Having a distinctive knowledge about what your Baju Kurung Moden Pendek Kain Songket is made from gives you a proper edge when buying them. Understanding their fabric and components helps you to wear them for the right season and better maintain them. You can buy Baju Kurung Moden Songket Bunga Tabur from Carlanisa Platform.

What are fibres?

Fibres are hand-woven or knitted fabrics. Knit fabric is made from one continuous thread.

  • Silk
  • Cotton

With the knowledge of fabric, you can choose a Songket of your own choice. Carlanisa presenting Cotton Tenun Asli, Cotton and Silk woven fabric

Quality of Carlanisa fabric:

  1. 100% Quality
  2. Not easy to wrinkle
  3. Easily washable
  4. Easy to wear
  5. Highly breathable fabric
  6. Not leaving colour even after washing
  7. All colours are hot.

There is a huge difference between the original and synthetic materials of Baju Kurung Songket. Fashion brands of Malaysia sometimes use synthetic material and you are not able to carry your Tradisional Baju Kurung Songket look because it is easy to wrinkle and not easy to carry and does not perfectly fit your body. On the other end of the three are some designers who choose a synthetic material over a natural one for its specific properties like its lightweight and texture. Many designers and brands specifically formulate fabrics to get the exact type that’s right for their design of Songket or to improve things like breathability and other functional properties of Baju Kurung Kain Songket.

Kurung Moden Songket is Tenun fibre and Hand Woven in Silk or Cotton with gold or silver threads.

Mostly Songket wore traditional settings as Tradisional costumes for their weddings or any Tradisional ceremonies. As a popular fabric for fashion, either locally or abroad efforts have been conducted to promote Songket.

What is Baju Kurung Moden Songket?

Baju Kurung Moden Pendek Kain Songket is a Tradisional dress of Malaysian people. Malaysian specialty is Songket which is Tenun Asli cotton fabric. Carlanisa is offering a variety of Songkets, Riza moden kurung, Raya modern kurung and plain kurung. Malaysian people use Songket, Kurung, or plain stuff on special occasions, Tradisional events, or plain Kurung for office wear and events.

How Carlanisa ready their Songket Dress?

Carlanisa uses Cotton thread and Silk for design. Both Cotton thread and silk polyester were added to the Hand-Woven machine. Then the machine is started and the 4.15-meter suit is ready having a vertical design on it called Kepala border. Its width is 45 inches. Used for weddings and special events. In the weaving process, the metallic threads are inserted in between the silk or cotton weft threads in a technique which is called the supplementary weft weaving technique.

Carlanisa songket variety:

Leeza Baju Kurung collection:

Baju Kurung Songket Moden Series in Leeza collection speciality is one more attractive kain full of beautiful patterns. You can wear it on your big day, or at special events to carry a Charismatic look.

Leeza Kurung Moden Dress


You can visit and purchase this Leeza Baju Kurung Songket

Tulip Baju kurung collection:

Baju style is kurung riau slim fit style. Bell shaped cuff style will make your look more attractive and beautiful. These floral patterns are hand embrioded by Carlanisa's best dress designers.

Tulip Baju Kurung Dress

You can visit and purchase this Tulip Baju Kurung Songket

Lily Baju Kurung Collection:

Our lily Kurung Moden Songket (Baju Kurung Moden Pendek Kain Songket) specialty is its 4 inches border with whole lily flowers coverage. You can wear Baju Kurung Moden Songket Bunga Tabur to carry Glamour look at your special event.

Lily Baju Kurung


You can visit and purchase this Lily Baju Kurung Songket

Raya Baju Kurung collection:

Our Baju Kurung Songket Bunga Raya collection speciality is the Horizontal centre border with vertical border finishing which is more attractive. You can wear Baju Kurung Moden Songket Bunga Tabur on special occasions.

Raya Baju Kurung


You can visit and purchase this Raya Baju Kurung Songket

Riza Baju Kurung Collection:

Specialty of our Riza kurung is its pattern which is Baju – Kurung Moden and Kain – Lipat with Kepala Border. Its Kepala border speciality is the horizontal border with vertical finishing. You can wear it at Tradisional events, on special occasions.


You can visit and purchase this Riza Baju Kurung Songket

Alyssa Kurung collection:

Alyssa Kurung Riau's speciality is Plain fabric which is more attractive. Our Baju Kurung Moden Songket hand made embroidery design and its material are premium cotton German dyed embroidery. Suitable for Plain lovers and Office wear.

 hand embroided baju kurung


You can visit and purchase this Alyssa Kurung Riau Moden Plain

How to wear our Instant Baju Kurung moden Songket collection?

Our instant Baju Kurung Moden Kain Songket is easy to wear, and readymade and our Kurung is also easy to wear, it contains a ZIP on one side with a centre Elastic Belt and Button on another end at the top of Kurung. You can easily wear the Baju Kurung Moden Pendek Kain Songket and fit it according to your side-by-side zip and elastic belt. you carry our instant Carlanisa glamorous look.

What type of colour combination is trending?

  • You can match instant shawl with your Baju Kurung moden Songket.
  • A perfect and attractive look is easily carried out by a perfect colour combination.

Trending color combination of Instant Shawl with Tradisional Baju Kurung Songket:

  1. Baby Pink Songket with Nescafe, Navy Blue, Grey or silver colour instant shawl.
  2. Mint green Songket with Nescafe, Lemon, Baby pink, and Golden or silver colour instant shawl.
  3. White Songket with Nescafe, Smokey brown, orange, Baby pink, Grey, Silver, Black, purple or Red colour instant shawl.
  4. Maroon Songket with White, Maroon, Nescafe, or Grey colour instant shawl.
  5. Blue-black Songket with Blue, black, Nescafe colour instant shawl.
  6. Dark Emerald Green Songket with Nescafe, Dark Emerald green, Baby pink, Light Green, and Smokey black color instant shawl.
  7. Dark Purple Songket with Black, Nescafe, Smokey Black, Baby pink, and light purple color instant shawl.
  8. Black Songket with Black, Nescafe, Light brown, and light Green colour instant shawl.
  9. Royal blue Songket with Nescafe, Royal blue, Smokey brown, or Grey colour instant shawl.
  10. Orange gold Songket with Nescafe, Golden, and Dark Blue colour instant shawl.
  11. Magenta Gold Songket with Golden, Maroon, Orange, baby pink, and Nescafe colour instant shawl.
  12. Olive Green Gold Songket with Golden, Green, Orange, Baby pink, light purple, and white color instant shawl.
  13. Champagne silver Songket with Silver and Dark Blue or Navy Color instant shawl.
  14. Cream Silver Songket with Silver, Dark blue, Smokey Black, and Grey color instant shawl.
  15. Yellow Gold Songket with Golden, Dark blue, chocolate brown, and light brown colour instant shawl.
  16. Nude colour Songket with Nescafe, light brown, Grey, smokey black colour instant shawl.
  17. Baby blue colour Songket with Nescafe, Grey, and light brown colour instant shawl.
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