How you can buy products on installments

complete guide in steps

1st Step

Download the app in I phone / android

2nd Step

then open app and login with phone number and verify your number with Riipay.

3rd Step

Click on fashion category

4th Step

In Fashion Category Find Carlanisa Store and Click on it.

5th Step

Open carlanisa then click go to store

6th Step

Carlanisa website find product interested.

7th Step

Select your desired product category

8th Step

Select your desired product sub-category.

9th Step

Select your desired product which you want to buy.

10th Step

Click on add to Cart Button to buy it.

11th Step

Click on Checkout button to give your details and payment method.

12th Step

Select RiiPay Installment method for your product payment method and place your Order.