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Songket Tenun Lily Star | Dark Chocolate Silver

Songket Tenun Lily Star | Dark Chocolate Silver

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Product Description

Design details:

Design  – Star Flower Bunga Tabur One Side 4" inch Border (Berkaki)

Colour  – Royal Blue Silver

Material – Songket Tenun Cotton Exclusive

Hand Woven Songket


  • Bunga Tabur 4.15 meter With 4" inches Border
  • Factory Cutting 4 meter usually extra meter 4.15 we recommend consider 4 meter

Product Details:

  • Highly Breathable Fabric
  • Easy To Wear
  • Guaranteed Comfort
  • Not Easy To Wrinkle 

Care Instructions:

  • Wash it carefully by hand.
  • Wash separately from other clothes.

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Design Baju Songket Pengantin

Carlanisa introduces the latest design baju songket pengantin in the songket collection. Star Bunga Tabur is the unstitched cloth for Baju kurung moden 2023. Malay people always favour wearing baju kurung as their dress. Star Bunga Tabur is Carlanisa’s new and latest series. Lily Star Bunga Tabur is made of a hand-woven songket. It also has unique and beautiful flower patterns on it. Star Flower Bunga Tabur have one side border. This border is the main central role in the beauty of the product. Malay People love Baju kurung with one side border.

Why you should buy Songket Tenun Lily Star Bunga Tabur Dark Chocolate Silver

Carlanisa is the best clothing brand in Malaysia. The factor that increases the popularity of the Carlanisa brand is the trust of the Malay People. Carlanisa wins the heart of its customers with the best quality products. Also, their utter commitment to the full latest and trendy design baju songket pengantin. Carlanisa also offers clothes both stitched and unstitched Baju kurungs. Carlanisa songket Lily Star Bunga Tabur is also trendy design of kurung moden 2023. This baju kurung gives you classical looks and uniqueness.

Carlanisa is the best choice to buy Songket Tenun Lily Star Bunga Dark Chocolate Silver

  • Lily Star Bunga Tabur has a 4-inch on-side border. This border is patterned with a Lily flower Gold and silver threads are incorporated into the fabric giving a beautiful design.
  • Our Lily Star Bunga Tabur cloth comes in 4.15-meter cutting. This is the factory cutting. But we recommend you to consider 4 meters only.
  • In this cutting, you can easily tailor small, medium and large size baju kurung. Carlanisa provides you with this unstitched songket cloth variety. Because you can tailor a dress from your favourite tailor.
  • Its material is songket tenun cotton exclusive.
  • Our fabrics design baju songket pengantin are highly breathable and easy to wear. You will feel easy in Lily Star Bunga Tabur.

Where to Buy Songket Lily Star Bunga Tabur Dark Chocolate Silver

We guarantee you the best comfort of Lily Star Bunga Tabur. Our songket collection is not easy to wrinkle. Its fabric is also designed in such a way that it is not easy to wrinkle. The colour range in this product is also wide. There are twelve colours. All colours are trendy and also most demanding these days.