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Azalea Kurung Moden Songket | Baby Pink Gold

Azalea Kurung Moden Songket | Baby Pink Gold

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Product Description

Design details:

• Design – Kurung Moden Songket

• Material – Cotton Songket Star Tenun Asli


• Baju – Kurung Moden

• Kain – Lipat

Product Details:

• Highly Breathable Fabric

• Easy To Wear

• Guaranteed Comfort

• Not Easy To Wrinkle

Please Note: colour may be slightly different depending on the light factor or the setting of the phone respectively**

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Once again, Carlanisa baju kurung pesak is back with amazing baju kurung klasik designs. Azalea baju kurung moden 2022 is the latest baju kurung series of Carlanisa. Its design is inspired by a flower called Azalea. A beautiful Azalea pattern is present on the Baju kurung. Azalea depicts good luck. Malay People loves flower pattern and they take flowers as a good luck sign. So, Carlanisa also decided to surprise their valuable Customers with all new the latest Azalea Baju Kurung Series. The design of the fabric is Bunga Tabur Star Flower. Bunga Tabur Star Flower's design is also very charming and beautiful. You will look more fashionable.

This Baju Kurung is made up of cotton songket star tenun asli material. This fabric is also renowned for its comfort and softness. You will love the new patterns of Baju kurung. Its softness will give you excellent comfort. We assure you it's good excellence and luxury. Azalea is also a trendy Baju kurung design. You can wear this Baju kurung at every type of event. Either it’s a wedding or a family gathering. You can also wear this Baju kurung and look awesome among the whole gathering. Our Azalea Baju kurung moden Songket will boost your glamour instantly. You will also look attractive among other girls. That’s the speciality of our Azalea Baju Kurung Moden 2022. You will gain extra attention in a function.

Features of Azalea Kurung Moden Songket Fabric

Its border is unique and attractive. Also, Kain has a beautiful border. Our Azalea Baju kurung fabric is highly breathable. Highly breathable material is the other level of comfort that you cannot tell with your words. But you can just feel it. Azalea Baju Kurung’s fabric is also not easy to wrinkle. You can also wear this dress without any worries about wrinkles. Wrinkles on the dress can fade out the beauty of the dress. Therefore, Carlanisa’s Songket material is handwoven. And this songket is not easy to wrinkle.

Reasons to Buy Carlanisa Ready to Wear Azalea Baju Kurung Baby Pink Gold

The colour range in this kurung moden songket collection is unique. Beautiful and appealing colours are available on our online store. Also, our baju kurung is colour fade resistant. It does not leave any colour on washing. We also guarantee the best quality the fabric is used to make this Baju kurung. Azalea baju kurung klasik Baby Pink Gold Moden songket is available in all sizes from small to 2xl size. You can order in every size according to your requirement. Azalea baju kurung pesak is ready to wear. Just buy and wear this beautiful product. Ready to Wear products save your precious time.

Where to Buy Carlanisa Azalea Baju Kurung Moden Songket

Visit now to buy this beautiful product. Carlanisa is the best clothing brand in Malaysia. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy your purchase.