Songket tenun matching is hand woven songket. This design songket terkini is of premium quality fabric. Also, beautiful gold and silver threads are intricately present in it. These patterns are really beautiful and unique in themselves. Our fabric will offer you complete comfort and beauty. Baju kurung is a traditional dress that is commonly worn in Malaysia. Malay people love baju kurung. Our songket tenun matching is unstitched cloth. You can tailor this dress according to your body figure. You have a choice to tailor this dress from your favourite tailor. The main highlighting feature of our songket is its premium quality and the latest design of Songket Tenun matching.

Carlanisa offers you an unstitched cloth. This design songket terkini is perfect for Baju Kurung. These Baju Kurungs are for special occasions like weddings, engagement functions and other family functions. Carlanisa always introduces the latest and trendy styles of kain songket tenun Baju Kurung. And also, Carlanisa is famous for its design authenticity and uniqueness. You will not find such beautiful designs other than Carlanisa. You will also feel comfortable in this dress. Because its fabric is very soft and cuddly.

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