Instant shawl 6 at Rm 100 and 7 at Rm 100

Instant shawl hijab

Hijab in Malaysia?

Have you ever seen this trend in Malaysia? Malaysian Tudung Shawl’s speciality is their Malaysian hijab style. Those beautiful and comfortable Songkets and Chiffon Instant Shawl Hijab, beautiful pearl bracelets, glasses, and shiny pumps. Many people’s vision is that the First impression is the last. They are somehow, correct but dressing sense matters a lot. Songkets and Instant shawls are specialities of Malaysian people. They carry this on special events and traditional occasions too.

But not everyone knows how to carry a perfect colour combination of Instant shawl Hijab with Songket. No need to visit expensive stores to buy instant shawls and Songkets which are expensive but not good in quality and fabric to look classy.

Hijab and effect on personality:

If you think that facial expressions matter a lot. You are right somehow but Dressing sense matters a lot more than how you can carry your outfits and how smart you are to choose a perfect colour combination of your Songket with an Instant shawl Hijab.

Lady Diana was not famous because she was a queen, she is famous because she is graceful and had the most startling style ever. Facial appearance does not justify your personality, only Dressing sense can.

Being a hijabi is easy?

No, Being a hijab is not easy, you have to face many challenges, many hair problems, and skin problems too. These problems occur due to the low quality and bad quality of the fabric. No matter how expensive your Instant shawl Hijab if its stuff is not good enough for your skin, you are not good at shopping because not every expensive thing is a quality product.

Many people think that carrying a hijab is easy, but they are wrong because carrying a hijab is not so easy. A variety of styles is not so easy to carry instantly and carrying the same style hijab is so boring. Malaysian people’s personalities are attractive because of their Shawl styles but this is not so easy for them too. Everyone wants to style the hijab in a different way to carry a classic and glamorous look.

Short time, want to style Modern Hijab?

The biggest problem is that Hijabi people don’t have enough time sometimes to style hijab but we have a solution to this problem. Carlanisa introduces an Instant shawl series. Easy to wear and pinless hijabs. A lot of brands are available in the market that offers you Instant shawls but are low in quality and expensive too, even leaving their colours on washing. But Carlanisa is offering you high quality and at reasonable prices Instant shawl Hijab. Carlanisa is the name of the Brand that is Malaysian-based. Carlanisa presents you with a lot of designs and colours. All colours and designs are the latest ones of our Instant shawl series.

What are trending instant shawl colour combinations with Baju Kurung Songkets?

  • Mint green Songket with Nescafe, Lemon, Baby pink, and Golden or silver colour instant shawl.
  • White Songket with Nescafe, Smokey brown, orange, Baby pink Grey, Silver Black, purple or Red colour instant shawl.
  • Maroon Songket with White, Maroon, Nescafe, or Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Blue-black Songket with Blue, black, Nescafe colour instant shawl.
  • Dark Emerald Green Songket with Nescafe, Dark Emerald green, Baby pink, Light Green, and smokey black colour instant shawl.
  • Dark Purple Songket with Black, Nescafe, Smokey Black, Baby pink, and Light purple colour instant shawl.
  • Black Songket with Black, Nescafe, Light brown, and light Green colour instant shawl.
  • Royal blue Songket with Nescafe, Royal blue, Smokey brown, or Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Orange gold Songket with Nescafe, Golden, and Dark Blue colour instant shawl.
  • Magenta Gold Songket with Golden, Maroon, Orange, baby pink, and Nescafe colour instant shawl.
  • Olive Green Gold Songket with Golden, Green, Orange, Baby pink, light purple, and white colour instant shawl.
  • Champagne silver Songket with Silver and Dark Blue or Navy Color instant shawl.
  • Cream Silver Songket with Silver, Dark blue, Smokey Black, and Grey colour instant shawl.
  • Yellow Gold Songket with Golden, Dark blue, chocolate brown, and light brown colour instant shawl.
  • Nude colour Songket with Nescafe, light brown, Grey, smokey black colour instant shawl.
  • Baby blue colour Songket with Nescafe, Grey, and light brown colour instant shawl.

Why Carlanisa?

Our Malaysian shawl stuff is so good, easy to shape, and ironless, no need to iron. Our Instant shawl consists of one single long shoulder side and another layer containing 2 sides which you can set on both shoulders through headspace you can easily wear this, this is an instant hijab scarf.

We have a great stock of different colours of your desires. The colours and stuff are so good that fit you on fire. Through our latest products, you can carry a Classic look. Our Tudung shawl does not even leave any colour on washing. Our semi Instant Tudung shawl material is styled in two fabrics Premium Korean moss crepe Lycra which contains a twisted surface and moss-like appearance that’s comfortable to wear and Heavy Chiffon Georgette.

Not only for Malaysian people our product is in demand all over the world. Our Carlanisa Tudung shawl product is designed to wear in the summer season too, our fabric and colours are selected according to seasonal demand. In hot summer you can select light colours and our Carlanisa brand new and dark colours according to your special events and seasonal demand.

Carlanisa Product Details:

  • Fast and Easy To wear !!.
  • Soft Material.

How to wear Carlanisa Instant Hijab:

Our Tudung shawl articles consist of a centre headspace having an elastic to set according to your shape, it is ready to wear hijab.

1) Open it.

2) Wear it on the head through headspace and set it automatically because of elastic presence.

3) Then set the hijab in one short two corners by putting one on the left shoulder and another corner on the right shoulder. You can set them with pins or set them without pins choice is yours.

Our Tudung shawl is also, use to style different hijabs instantly and fastly. Available at a reasonable price. Delivery on time. Cash on the Delivery system is available and an instalment of payment method is also available. You can easily get your order to your doorstep.

Discounts and offers:

The best offer is available in our instant shawl series Any 6 At Rm 100 and 7 At Rm 100. These two offers with brand new different styles and designs available. Through this you can carry any 6 pieces of your desire from this series at Rm 100 which is our first category consists of:

Our 6 At Rm 100 Instant shawl material is Premium Korean Moss Crepe Lycra


  • Fast and Easy To wear!
  • Soft Material
  • Easy to shape
  • No Need For Pin
  • Iron Less
  • Suitable for Travel
  • Office wear / Casual


tudung satin bawal-instant shawls-Malaysian Hijabs

You can select any 7 pieces of your desire in our brand new second category at Rm 100 which consists of:

Our 7 At Rm 100 Instant Malaysian shawl material is Premium Heavy Chiffon Georgette.


  • Fast and Easy To wear !!.
  • Soft Material Easy to Shape
  • Not Easy Wrinkle…
  • Suitable for Travel
  • Office wear / Casual


satin tudung

Solid colours Vs printed Tudung Shawl:

Hijab is an important part of your closet if you are hijab or hijab is traditional. There are so many colours, designs, and textures that are never enough! Hijab with latest colours and attractive prints both are fabulous a aren’t that never expires. Deciding which colour or pattern to add to your Songket may completely boost your look.

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