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Hijab has great value in Muslimah fashion. Malay Women love to wear Hijabs. It is the part of their dress. Without a Hijab Muslimah fashion is incomplete. Shawl ariani can vivify your fashion. Carlanisa introduces the new Shawl Plain Stone Sofya. It is the latest addition to Carlanisa Shawl Tudung. Shawls are a great solution in modern days. As time passes, the Shawl ariani fashion industry is also growing. The world is focusing on Minimalism in fashion. It means saving time. Shawls are the new way to save time. Conventional Hijabs can take time to wear.

The material of our Shawl Plain Stone Sofya is of premium quality. Carlanisa does not compromise on the quality of its products. Shawl Plain Stone is made with Premium Heavy Korean Chiffon. Our shawl designs are suitable for office wear. You can easily wear it with your office dress and maintain your professional looks. Carlanisa named its design “Swarovski Lable Batu Carlanisa”. This tudung bawal Batu Shawl has a length of 1.8 meters and a width is 27 inches. This is very suitable for a shawl.

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