Collection: Azalea | Kurung Moden Songket

Azalea kurung moden songket is the latest baju kurung series of Carlanisa. Its design inspires by a flower called Azalea. A beautiful Azalea pattern is present on the Baju kurung. Azalea depicts good luck. The design of the fabric is Bunga Tabur Star Flower. You will look more fashionable. This Baju Kurung made up of cotton songket star tenun asli material. This fabric is famous for its comfort and softness.

Its border is unique and attractive. Also, Kain has a beautiful border. Our Azalea Baju kurung fabric is highly breathable. Highly breathable material is the other level of comfort that you cannot tell with your words. But you can just feel it. Azalea Kurung Moden songket fabric is also not easy to wrinkle. You can wear this dress without any worries about wrinkles. It does not leave any colour on washing. We guarantee the best quality of fabric is used to make this Baju kurung.