Calranisa Shop Now Pay Later Installment Plan


Instalment method:

You have no money right now! But want to buy something for a special occasion, casual wear, travel or for your big day, so you really don’t need to worry about this Carlanisa has an opportunity for you, you can buy anything with the smart digital method of instalment plan credit. You can easily buy your loved one’s happiness by presenting them with our brand new collection of Songkets and Plan Baju Kurung or Instant shawl. We have brand new designs and colours on Installment Payments.

You can choose any colour, design, or product of your own desire, all through the instalment method if you are worried about money just because you have no money right now, waiting for your salary or pocket money, don’t worry about this, we are here to solve your problem, you want to buy, buy easily.


Now the question arises, whether the product is in its original or perfect condition or faulty product when ordered through instalment method. Ok! Don’t you worry, we have a solution to this problem, you can make cashless payments and Cash on delivery. We also have our own Return policy. We have backup plans for you, just to make sure that you are buying through a safe brand and we want to make a bond with our buyers. As Carlanisa we want to grow with our customers by building their trust.

Is there any interest included?

No there is no interest deduction, In this, you are paying only product payment in instalments of your own choice.


What is the method of instalment Credit Payment?

Carlanisa wants to make you feel comfortable, satisfied, and away from all worries of life to make you feel special by buying our unique, classic products by instalment method, which is easier. To order your Carlanisa product you just simply have to buy that product through a Riipay Option available at all products.

Instalments Plans:

Riipay introduces the Installment plan and the Riipay Option is actually smart budget managing and paying method.  You just have to pay 1/3rd up front and you can get your Carlanisa product at your doorstep without any problem with our service of free home delivery.

Riipay is providing you with a chance to pay one-third without any interest through your debit or credit card easily. Oh! Don’t need to worry! You just simply have to provide your information. We keep the secrecy of our customer’s information. Riipay account sign-in on first order placement.  When you have done your first payment, the merchant will start processing to deliver your product to your doorstep.

Remaining Payment method :

You just have to pay your first instalment then the remaining one is deducted according to a given time. Through your account with the confirmation message. As in the instalment method, we have fixed dates of instalment and we will notify you before the days of deduction.

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